TITLE: The Miracle of the Mysteria

AUTHOR: Leonid Belov

TRANSLATOR: John Meredig, Ph.D.

EDITOR: Thomas Meredig

CLASSIFICATION: Christian Historical Fiction

BINDING: Paperback

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0-9965513-2-8

TRIM: 9×6 inches, 140 pages




Heaven IS listening!

In the year of our Lord 1348 the Black Plague has crossed Europe and arrived in the Swiss Alps.  As the terrified villagers of Rundschau near the breaking point, the village priest proposes fighting the fear of imminent death through the act of faith by staging the Passion of Christ. His plan gives villagers meaning and strength in this dark hour, and they fully embrace it. Through their prayer-like efforts this performance takes life of its own turning into Mysteria—the sacramental and mysterious experience of human community meeting God.

Their experience continues even after the performance is over, preventing the surviving participants from going back to living as they did before. For months and years afterwards they are trying to grasp the meaning of Mysteria, as it continues transforming their lives.

The Miracle of the Mysteria has been inspired by the real life events in the Bavarian village Oberammergau.